Rich was a victim of a violent crime

Rich with his family at daughter Rachel's graduation.


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July 23, 2014 - Sorry for the disconnect but we will be posting updates soon...

Novemeber 22nd: Rich is now home from rehab See photo here

November 15th: Rich stands for first time w/ braces See photo here

November 6th: Rich enters rehab for 2nd time See photo here

September 20th: Rich rehab video See video here

September 12th: Outdoor therapy. See photo here

September 8th: Rich watches 49er game with friends & family. See photo here

September 4th: Rich's Birthday, gets moved to spinal therapy facility. See photo here

September 1st: Rich goes outdoors for the first time. See photo here

August 28th: Rich goes out of room in wheelchair for the first time. See photo here

August 27th: Rich records thank you video See video here

August 27th: Rich gets in chair for first time. See photo here

August 25th: Rich sits up on edge of bed with therapist. See photo here

August 21st: Rich is out of ICU

August 17th: Rich spends 7 hours in surgery


                                 Stay tuned for updates on Rich's progress